Our Work

For the past 29 years Charlton Research Company has conducted extensive, national public opinion research for over 250 corporations, including 24 listed in the top 100 of the Fortune 500. Below you will find three examples of the work we have done in conjugation with our clients as well as a select list of publications we have put out.

Case Study 1

Client: Research America

Summary: This study was done by Charlton Research Company for Research America to understand American opinion on issues surrounding healthcare investment and the economy

Case Study 2

Client: Chevron

Summary: This study was done by Charlton Research Company to better understand U.S. public opinion about trade. The study finds that today's top rated issues are all related to well-being and the economy


Over the last twenty-five years, Charlton Research Company has been monitoring issues that are of interest to our clients. In many cases, various members on our staff have developed analytical papers - which often include secondary and primary research sources - that assess public attitudes and offer strategic recommendations on these issues. Most of these publications, which are listed in chronological order below, have been distributed to our clients and other interested parties. Those otherwise noted have been have been published in association newsletters, trade and academic journals, or news websites.

  • Mid-Term Election 2010: October 6, 2010 (Click to Read)
  • Understanding U.S. Public Opinion Toward Energy Problems & Solutions (Click to Read)
  • Energy Monitor Spring 2008: Sponsored by Chevron Corporation (Click to Read)
  • Energy Monitor Summer 2007: Sponsored by Chevron Corporation (Click to Read)

The following publications are not currently available in a digital format but can be provided upon request

  • Compendium of Public Policy Issues for The Congressional Institute, November 2005
  • California Issues: Negative Mood Persists, March 2005
  • Compendium of Public Policy Issues for The Congressional Institute, November 2005
  • California Issues: Negative Mood Persists, March 2005
  • California Issues: Mood of California Prior to Election, April 2004
  • California Issues: Ballot Measures Viewed Favorably, September 2003
  • History of War Attitudes in America, October 2001
  • California Issues: Negative Mood Permeates State, April 2001
  • The Congressional Institute National Issues Survey, January 2001
  • California Issues: Positive Mood Sets Tone for Upcoming Election, October 2000
  • Cal-Tax Digest: Talking About Taxes, June 1999
  • Citizens Speak Out on Medical Research Statewide Analysis in CO, IL, NJ, NM (January 1999), OK, TN, NY, MS (July 1998), WV, VA, MO, MI, CT, WA (February 1998), AK,LA, OH, WI, PA (January 1997), CA, FL, TX (February 1996)
  • Preparing for TRI Communications, May 1999
  • National Vision Study, March 1999.
  • Social Security and Social Security Reform Compendium of Data, May 1998 & Winter 1999.
  • Ninth Annual California Business Climate Survey, November 1998.
  • California Issues: General Election Wrap-up, November 1998.
  • California Issues: Low Voter Turnout Potential, October 1998.
  • The Millennial President, for CBS Election Division, October 1998.
  • California Issues: Californians’ Becoming More Pessimistic, August 1998.
  • America’s States and Regions: How Similar? Where Different?, Published in the Public Perspective by the University of Connecticut Roper Center, June 1998.
  • Health Care Reform Update: Increased Patent Protection, Spring 1998.
  • California Issues: Positive Mood Likely to Impact ‘98 Elections, April 1998.
  • Health Care Reform, Winter 1998.
  • Environmental Trends, Winter 1998.
  • Environmental Values: Global Climate Change Issues, Winter 1998.
  • California Issues: Mood Remains Unchanged While Issue Concern Fluctuates Greatly, December 1997.
  • The Environment and Human Health Link, Fall 1997.
  • California Issues: Why the Persistent Negative Mood in California?, October 1997.
  • Eighth Annual California Business Climate Survey, October 1997.
  • Change, Leadership, & Vision, Summer 1997.
  • California Case Studies: Euthanasia and Physical-Assisted Suicide, May 1997.
  • California Issues: Issues Beginning to Drive California Voting Patterns, April 1997.
  • Particulate Matter and Ozone Research, Spring 1997.
  • Global Climate Change National Survey, March 1997.
  • Serious-But Not Immediate-Concern Over Water Issues, Published in the Southern California Water Community Updated, January 1997.
  • Corporate Reputation Model: What is the Role of Business in Today’s Global Society?, 1996.
  • California Issues: Californians’ Offer Many Reasons For Not Voting, November 1996.
  • Environmental Values, Fall 1996.
  • Crime: A Top Election Issue: Crime Currently Dominates The Public’s Thoughts, September 1996.
  • Women’s Issue: The Fluidity of the Gender Gap, September 1996.
  • California Issues: The Republican National Convention Captures Californians’ Attention, August 1996.
  • Alternative Compliance, July 1996.
  • Americans Talk About Their Values and The Environment, July 1996.
  • American and European Views on the Environment, May 1996.
  • Americans Talk About Taxes: Lessons for Policy Makers, April 1996.
  • Updating Environmental Safeguards, March 1996.
  • California Issues: Californians’ Mood Has Become Much Brighter as Financial Situation Seen As Improving, March 1996.
  • International Environmental Standards, February 1996.
  • California Issues: Californians’ Are Becoming Less Negative About Direction of the State, But Remain Highly Negative About Direction of U.S., February 1996.
  • California Issues: Californians’ Offer Their Ideas on How to Improve The State and Country, December 1995.
  • Environmental Issues: A Compendium of Public Opinion Trends From January 1990 to December 1995, December 1995.
  • The Environment and Public Health, November 1995.
  • ANWR Drilling, Attitudes Toward Environmental Regulations, November 1995
  • California Issues: Americans’ Show Mixed Feelings Toward Environmental Regulations, October 1995.
  • California Issues: Affirmative Action: Californians’ Favor a Reduction of Programs, October 1995.
  • Americans & Health Care in the 1990’s: A Compendium of Health Care Issues, June 1995.
  • California Issues: Contract with America, March 1995.
  • Community Studies and Issues Strategies, February 1995.
  • California Issues: Californians’ Pessimistic Mood, August 1994.
  • California Fiscal Reform: A Plan for Action, published by California Business and Higher Education Forum, May 1994.
  • What Makes A Governor’s Election Different: An Overview, May 1994.
  • Mid-term Elections, Spring 1994.
  • Consumer Control, Spring 1994.
  • Government Information Technology Policy and Procurement Task Force, developed for Governor Wilson’s California Statewide Task Force, 1994.
  • Hazardous Waste Issues, The Superfund Dilemma, August 1993.
  • California Issues: The Six States of California, July 1993.
  • California Issues: Pessimistic Mood Dominated State, May 1993.
  • California Issues: Mood Brightens Slightly, November 1992.
  • California Issues: Negative Feelings Dominate Attitudes, September 1992.
  • Compendium of Polls Relating to Hazardous Waste Issues, July 1992.
  • California Issues: Pessimism on Economy Drives Negative Mood, June 1992.
  • Americans & Health Care in the 1990’s: The Past Decade (1982-1992): A Compendium of Health Care Issues, January 1992.
  • Decision to Run, Winter 1992.
  • Determining Incument Vulnerability: The Use of Opinion Leader Research, Winter 1992.
  • Determining Incumbent Vulnerability: The Use of Opinion Leader Research, November 1991.
  • California Issues: Californians’ Pessimism At Historic High, May 1991.
  • California Issues: Californians’ Mood and Attitude, November 1990.
  • California Issues: Election Impacts, November 1990.
  • Developing a Corporate Political Strategy, developed with John K. King, June 1988.
  • The Elements of Research in the Reagan-Bush 1984 Victory, 1985.
  • The Switch Voter in Congressional Elections, published by the American Medical Association, Spring 1983.
  • Can Research Contribute to Corporate Planning?, published by the European Society of Opinion Research Proceedings, March 1983.
  • Attack-Defense Advertising in Political Campaings, developed with Bishop, Bryant & Associates and published by the American Medical Association, January 1982.
  • Grassroots America: Where Does It Come From, Winter 1980.
  • Political Advertising on Television: A Review, October 1979.