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Public Policy Strategists

Charlton Research Company is a full-service research and consulting firm which specializes in conducting public affairs and public policy research for a wide variety of clients ranging from large corporations and trade associations to government and quasi-governmental agencies. Recently, the firm has explored various issues including: corporate reputation, values, taxes, regulatory reform, crime, the economy, social concerns, foreign policy, the environment, health issues, education and health care reform.

  • Corporate Image & Positioning Assessments
  • Attitudes & Perception Testing
  • Internal & External Communications Plan Design
  • Media/Advertising Testing
  • Crisis Management
  • Strategic Plan Design
  • Community Outreach Plans
  • Issue Management

By combining our research efforts with public policy insights, Charlton Research Company staff members can aid our clients in designing and implementing timely and effective issue assessments and communications strategies.

Corporate Image & Brand Strategies

Charlton Research Company is a full service national marketing research firm providing corporate image assessment, brand assessment and strategic planning assistance to corporations servicing both businesses and consumers. The firm takes an active role in analyzing a company's strengths and weaknesses in today's competitive marketplace.

  • Strategic & Communications Plan Design
  • Media/Advertising Testing
  • Image & Brand Assessment
  • Corporate Positioning Evaluations
  • Seminar Planning
  • Issue Identification
  • Product Marketing Analysis
  • Product Positioning
  • Packaging & Name Evaluations
  • Crisis Management

Using qualitative and quantitative research methods, Charlton Research Company assesses current corporate image issues including: leadership, company credibility, product quality, service responsiveness, spokespeople credibility, and communications techniques. By analyzing public opinion on issues that are essential to an organization's corporate image, our clients are able to create an effective communications strategy to successfully define their position in the marketplace, maintain their leadership status, or change market positions. We also work with clients in generating new product ideas, evaluating consumer purchasing patterns, testing advertising concepts, and measuring the effectiveness of public relations programs.

Association & Membership Strategies

Charlton Research Company's extensive experience in research and strategic planning aids our clients in determining future direction for their organization. During the last few years, Charlton Research Company has conducted extensive research on various issues affecting national and statewide trade industry associations. The firm has conducted thousands of telephone interviews and mail surveys, and hundreds of focus groups and executive interviews for such organizations nationally.

  • Strategic Plan Design
  • Internal & External Communications Evaluation
  • Seminar Planning and Facilitation
  • Performance and Satisfaction Evaluation
  • Message Development
  • Issue Identification & Management
  • Crisis Communication Strategies
  • Outreach Program Development

Our projects have included focus group work, one-on-one interviews, leadership studies, values studies, national, state and local public opinion studies, communications strategies, and development of outreach programs. The firm also specializes in interviewing special audience groups, including industry executives, physicians, legislative staff, environmentalists and community leaders.

Political Strategy

Charlton Research Company has extensive experience at all levels of politics and with all types of political campaigns. We have worked successfully on presidential, U.S. Senate, congressional, state legislative and local officials' campaigns. In addition to political candidate work, Charlton Research Company has worked for numerous political organizations, associations, political action committees and independent expenditure efforts.

  • Candidate & Initiative Campaign Consulting
  • Theme, Concept & Finished Media Evaluation
  • Recall & Impact Tracking
  • Electronic and Print Media Testing
  • Message Development
  • Issue Identification
  • Political & Communication Strategies
  • Voter Segmentation

Charlton Research Company has also incorporated our strong issues background with our political experience to develop a powerful initiative methodology which we have successfully employed in many state and local initiative campaigns.