Charlton Research Company is a research and consulting firm which has been developing strategies for business, political and legal clients since 1983. The company specializes in analyzing changes in today's socio-political and economic environments. By combining research findings with public policy issues and political insights, our consulting staff provides clients with timely, cost-effective intelligence and advice.


Recognized as an expert in the research and analysis of specialized issues affecting the political community, Mr. Rund has been a key player in four Presidential campaigns (Howard Baker (1980), Reagan/Bush (1984), Bush/Quayle (1988 and 1992); twelve Gubernatorial campaigns (including CA Governor George Deukmejian and CA Governor Pete Wilson); seventeen Senate races; campaigns for 48 elected Congresspeople and many state, local and initiative campaigns.

Mr. Rund has been an election night analyst for CBS news for the past 28 years and also remains abreast of trends in national and statewide politics. In recent years, Mr. Rund has also served as an advisor on various national issues including the environment, healthcare, foreign policy, taxes, trade, information technology, and others.

Prior to joining Charlton Research, Mr. Rund was Executive Vice President of Tarrance & Associates, specializing in the analysis of voter behavior, and director of "strategic futures" for Dayton Hudson Corporation.

Mr. Rund received his B.A. from Macalester College in St. Paul, Minnesota and pursued post-graduate work in social ethics at San Francisco Theological Seminary. In the past decade he has published over 100 articles in magazines, public opinion journals and other news media and has lectures at local college university campuses.

Charles F. Rund